First, when it comes to boycotting the demands of the United States, one should not be the head or carry the flag. Probably some countries want to do this, but we can't bear this handsome. People should calmly see that we do not have the strength to stand against the United States. We PetroChina crude oil pricesare an important force in the international community, but we cannot be a leader in this situation.

According to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs website news, Foreign Minister Wang Yi stated that all parties participating in the foreign ministers’ meeting unanimously made a responsible choice and passed an important joint statement, the core content of which is to continue to abide by the implementation of the comprehensive agreement and oppose violations of international law. Unilateral sanctions have effectively maintained the international nuclear non-proliferation system.

The latest survey shows that Italy's Brexit index has soared from last month's 6% to %, which has more than tripled. Market participants believe that Italy may have another general election this fall, and the second election is equivalent to a Brexit referendum. The political turmoil in the country may be more serious than the Greek economic crisis, which will pose a threat to the entire Eurozone. Next, investors should pay close attention to the development of the situation.

India is the world's third largest oil importer, second only to the United States. India needs Iranian oil to meet the needs of its expanding refining industry. In addition, Iranian oil imports provide India with a variety of supplies. This year, Iran gave generous discounts to India's oil imports. Until the end of July, with the arrival of the first phase of new US sanctions, Iran increased its support for India. After some local insurance companies in India stopped providing insurance services for Iranian crude oil exported to India, Iran provided crude oil carrier insurance services for India. Currently, India is Iran's second largest crude oil buyer, second only to.

U.S. crude oil production continues to increase. As of the week of February 7, although U.S. crude oil production fell to 600,000 barrels per day, it was still the world's highest crude oil production, and new crude oil reserves were discovered in the Permian Basin of the United States, and the United States will produce more oil.

What should I do if I lose money by speculating on spot crude oil? The speculation on spot crude oiPetroChina crude oil pricesl is a dangerous investment, but it is not guaranteed that it will lose money, and it may not make money. This requires a certain amount of courage to try. In this inflation In society, putting money in your hands without using it is equivalent to wasting money for nothing. There will be no manifestation of any value.

On Thursday, June 7th, Asian market in early trading, the US oil market saw a rapid drop. Earlier, due to the unexpected increase in EIA crude oil inventory data, oil prices fell rapidly, but then began to rebound and recovered some of the decline. U.S. oil is currently trading at $60, with intraday highs and lows at $624 and $685.