The situation in the Middle East has been the focus of market attention in recent times. The Middle East holds most of the world’s crude oil resources. If war in the Middle East occurs, it will inevitably trigger market panic about oil cuts. This is why the Middle East has a little trouble and crude oil prUS dollar US Department of Energy US crude oil inventories (June 15)ices Strong rise. The previous attacks by the United States, Britain and France on Syria triggered an explosion of crude oil, which once drove the low oil price to around $70.

On Thursday, May, at 4:0 Beijing time, the US API crude oil inventory was announced. The previous value decreased by 0 million barrels, the previous value of gasoline inventories increased by 980,000 barrels, and the previous value of refined oil inventories decreased by 0 million barrels. Crude oil inventories in the United States With the continued increase in the prospect of suppressing international oil prices, the performance of API inventory data will directly affect the future trend of oil prices. If the inventory decreases, it will be good for oil prices. Crude oil prices are expected to bottom out at $66, and the opposite is true.

The market is currently paying close attention to the US oil drilling data that will be announced on Saturday, June 9 at 00:00. The number of US oil rigs announced last week was 86, a new monthly high in 205 years. If this data continues to rise, the market's concerns about the increase in US crude oil production may intensify.

Don’t be too happy. Although the situation in the Middle East will indeed trigger an explosion in the crude oil market, all walks of life are now persuading Trump not to tear up the Iran nuclear agreement, and Trump has also said that he will give a final answer in May. Judging from the current situation, it is impossible for Trump not to know the consequences of tearing up the Iran nuclear agreement. Is Trump prepared to face these consequences? If US oil, how will Trump deal with the Iran nuclear What about the problem? This is actually a problem worthy of our consideration.

Today is the 9th working day of this round of refined oil pricing cycle. According to Zhuo Chuang Information's calculations, as of the 8th job, the rate of change of crude oil is negative 89%, which corresponds to a reduction of 40 yuan/ton for gasoline and diesel, which translates to a price increase of No. 92 Gasoline is reduced by 0.27 yuan/liter, and No. 0 diesel is reduced by 0.29 yuan/liter. In other words, after 24:00 on the 2nd of tomorrow, domestic refined oil prices will see the biggest drop in the year.

Venezuela's crude oil production has fallen sharply due to the turmoil and the financial crisis. The latest news shows that the country's national oil company is considering announcing that some exportUS dollar US Department of Energy US crude oil inventories (June 15) terminals have been forced to close due to force majeure. It is believed that this will boost oil prices.

A report on May 8 stated that in the next few months, Venezuelan crude oil production may fall below 500,000 barrels from 500,000 barrels in April. The company raised its Brent crude oil forecast from the previous $6 per barrel to $70 per barrel.

Gerard said in a statement that the implementation of the new tariffs will disrupt the complex supply chain of the U.S. oil and gas industry and endanger ongoing and future U.S. energy projects, which may weaken U.S. national security.