It is worth mentioning that the United States previously stated that it would not grant immunities to any country, but after the sanctions took effect, it opened a list of exemptioWhich gas station company uses all U.S. crude oilns for eight countries. The main reason why the United States does this is to promote its own oil.

Analyst Walter Zimmerman said that the current threat to the market is that a sufficiently high oil price will activate 7,700 oil wells that are being drilled but not yet completed in 48 US states. Zimmerman also said that if Iran’s crude oil supply really evaporates from the market, the impact on Brent will be far greater than the impact on WTI.

The trend of the international crude oil trading market is unpredictable, and occasional losses may occur. When speculating crude oil, you need to maintain a good attitude and invest rationally. You must not place orders against market trends just because you want to recover your costs. This will only increase your own losses. Therefore, investors with impulsive personality are often eliminated by the market quickly.

Saudi Aramco, the world's largest oil producer, plans to increase investment in refining and petrochemicals to open up new markets for the crude oil it produces; at the same time, it reduces the risk of a possible slowdown in oil demand.

The JP Morgan Chase report pointed out that since the beginning of 205, it has been using the opportunity of lower oil prices to accelerate the reserve of strategic oil. In its view, this amount may have been close to the limit of inventory capacity, coupled with the potential decline in the capacity utilization rate of local small refineries. And weaker-than-expected demand may increase the risk of a short-term fall in global oil prices.

As of press time, WTI International OiWhich gas station company uses all U.S. crude oill Price is reported to be US$55/barrel, up by US$0.20 in the day, and Brent Oil Price is reported to US$655/barrel, up by US$0. At present, international oil prices have risen for 4 consecutive trading days, setting a new high in the past 4 months.

The Iranian side threatened to block the Strait of Hormuz to cut off oil transportation in the Middle East if Iranian oil exports were blocked by the United States. In addition, just before the United States restarted some sanctions against Iran, on August 5 local time, the Iranian military confirmed that it had conducted military exercises in the waters of the Strait of Hormuz in the Persian Gulf.

In terms of pricing power, WTI crude oil is no longer the only opponent it faces. Crude oil futures such as crude oil and Dubai crude oil are also ambitious. Analysts said that the commissioning of the oil field will not only increase Brent crude oil production, but also allow Brent oil prices to reflect the broader market.