(4) Other related party relationships and related party transDate of trading crude oil contractactions recognized by CIRC according to the principle of substance over form.

Li Qunxiong, head of bitfury Asia Pacific, said: the successful completion of this round of private financing shows that bitfury has really become the engine of blockchain and bitcoin in the Asia Pacific region and even the world.

We also come here with the mentality of learning. Singapore is the hub connecting Asia with the rest of the world. With a more yuan society, more open financial markets, and world-class wealth management capabilities, Singapore's business development will certainly bring us valuable experience.

Liu Shuqing: because the online voting results obtained by the company are relatively late, the final deliberation results of this shareholders' meeting will be known after the online voting is closed.

Let's take a look at the two painting styles: the fixed tone of Vanke's equity fight and the painting style after Evergrande's purchase: on February 22, 2017, Xiang Junbo said in the press conference of the State Council of Singapore that some institutions that fish in troubled waters, get chills in the fire and do not stop, will take top punishment in accordance with laws and regulations, and resolutely take regulatory measures such as stopping new business, punishing senior executives and even revoking their licenses We must not turn insurance into a club for the rich, nor allow insurance to be borrowed and hidden by financial tycoons.

Jing Dong, deputy director of publicity and Education Department of Shaanxi Banking Association, Wang huaitong, vice president of Xi'an Foreign Economic and Cultural Development Promotion Association, Kou sprout, director of the office of Xi'an Foreign Economic and Cultural Development Promotion Association, Wang Dashun, Secretary of the Party School of Xi'an municipal Party committee, Deng Lijing, executive chairman of Xi'an Folk Finance Association, and Yu Rong, financial director of Fengdong new city cultural and commercial district management office YangDate of trading crude oil contract Fuhui, President of xixianfengdong sub branch of Changan bank, Gu Qian, director of company Department of Xi'an Chang'an Road sub branch of Bank of China, Zhang Bing, chief financial officer of Shaanxi business holding group, he Feng, general manager of product promotion department of Longji real estate group, Wu Wei, vice president of financial center of Longji group, Han Xiaohong, senior partner of Shaanxi Jiaxuan law firm, Li Juzheng, director of Shaanxi Tianyi tax agency, and Xi'an Boxin Liu Haiyan, general manager of Business Information Consulting Co., Ltd., Zhang Xiaoke, director of Hongwen lecture hall office, Cui Yongsheng, general manager of Shaanxi Qingshi Image Culture Communication Co., Ltd., and relevant responsible persons of Xi'an Guolian Quality Inspection Technology Co., Ltd.