Conduct on-site inspection on bitcoin and letcoin trading platforms such as and coin bank on the implementation of relevant financial laws and regulations such Crude oil market trading hoursas foreign exchange management and anti money laundering, as well as relevant regulations on trading place management.

At present, the lending behavior of commercial banks, auto finance companies, consumer finance companies and other institutions has been standardized and regulated accordingly.

At present, the questionnaire channel of the selection has been closed, and we are making intensive statistics and Analysis on the data received.

Improved in 2016.

The people's Bank of China issued the notice on preparing for personal credit reporting today, which requires sesame Credit Management Co., Ltd., Tencent credit reference Co., Ltd. and other eight institutions (attached list) to do well in the preparation of personal credit reference business, and the preparation time is six months.

Now I announce that LETV's second extraordinary general meeting of shareholders in 2017 has officially beguCrude oil market trading hoursn.

Improve the happiness of national life.